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    Graduate of a Master's Degree MIAGe (Computer Science applied to Company Management), I am interested in new technologies and their use within an Agile environment. For this reason, I am keeping a blog on this topic.

I am currently working in London for Expedia, a leading online travel agency. I am employed as software engineer and participate in projects of international scope.

Always eager to learn and make new connections, you can usually find me at popular tech meetups or volunteering at some conferences like Devoxx UK or CoderDojo.

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2010You can consult the list of training courses and workshops
I have attended on my profile.
Higher education [Fifth year of study]
2008 / 2009
Master's degree
IUP (Professional University Institute) MIAGe
Computer Science applied to Company Management
DNSI option (Law, standards applied to IT systems)
University of Nantes, France
2007 / 2008
Computing Degree
B.Sc. in computing (Software Development)
Socrates student at Dundalk Institute of Technology
DkIT, Ireland
2006 / 2007
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of Nantes, France
2005 / 2006
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
University of Nantes, France
2004 / 2005
One year university degree in computer sciences
University of Angers, France
Baccalauréat (the French equivalent of the Irish Leaving
Certificate / English A levels) with specialization in mathematics

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Expedia Group
February 2021

Java/Kotlin developer at Expedia in London.
- I am currently part of the Lodging pricing organization focusing on projects involving Pricing and Loyalty information.
- Creation of a new service for Loyalty capability to unify the loyalty logic across brands. This includes refactoring the existing flows to use the new service. In parallel of conducting various migrations, e.g. moving to a new Kubernetes platform.
- Maintenance on a set of microservices that currently power pricing and loyalty capabilities on the current Expedia website.
- Creation of a new service for Price Display capability, goal is to build a common price presentation functionality once and scale it across the entire customer journey and brands.
September 2016 - [4 years 5 months]
January 2021
Java developer at in London.
- Part of a team focusing on increasing developers experience by providing a set of guidance & standards. Goal was also to improve the current platform & tooling (e.g. Paved Road project, Kubernetes Automated Canary deployments, Resiliency and Chaos engineering).
- Migration of different services & applications from our on-premise Cloud to Amazon AWS. This includes technical migrations such as the adoption of Kubernetes or a data migration from Cassandra to DynamoDB.
- Creation of a new set of microservices to display personalized user notifications related to the rewards program (free night, points earned, etc.) based on an event-driven architecture.
- Maintenance on a microservice (and its client) returning the common elements displayed on the website (e.g. header, footer). The service handles multiple parameters such as the language, set of MVTs for experiments, page types and is compatible with multiple partner websites.
November 2014 -
Sage Pay [1 year 10 months]
August 2016  

Sage Pay
Java developer at Sage Pay in London.
Participation in the development of the new method of integration for e-commerce websites to handle their online payments securely and meet card data standards (PCI DSS). This new integration is a REST API for developers. Features are gradually extracted from the Gateway (monolithic application) to build an expandable structure (microservices architecture).
May 2014

Creator and developer.
Updapy is an online and free personal Update Center, aiming at Windows users. The system notifies users when software updates are available. Notifications are displayed directly on the dashboard, via a personalized RSS feed or can be sent through email alerts. The service is open and available in English and French. Designed from a mobile first approach, Updapy is hosted in the cloud (Heroku).
The backend is mainly build on a Spring stack, the frontend is based on Bootstrap and jQuery. Access Updapy.
June 2012 -
Altran [2 years 5 months]
October 2014

Consultant at Altran in Brussels.
- Development on the financial system of Lampiris, a Belgium energy supplier. Objective is to make the system ready and compatible with the European SEPA standards (Single Euro Payments Area) by creating a new backend software that integrates and communicates with the legacy system (Microsoft Axapta, Isabel…). Lampiris currently uses the Belgian domestic DOM 80 format to manage its collection and reversal instructions with banks. DOM 80 will be replaced by the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) and SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) XML standards.
- Integration into the Vehicle dynamics division, part of Toyota Motor Europe R&D. Modeling of an object-oriented application, a global analysis tool to replace a previous system used to measure handling and ride performance of cars. Analyze the existing Matlab applications. Daily meetings with the team to understand needs. Creation of various UML diagrams (use-case, sequence, class, entity-relationship) and associated documentation. Presentation of the results to the implementation team.
- Maintenance on Health Economics Models on Web for GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical group. HE Models on Web application has been designed to provide a web interface to manage all the models of the group. Models are used to answer to specific research and economical questions (e.g. what is the impact on health cost of implementing a new vaccination program against measles?). The application allows to easily distribute the model descriptions and the Excel files. Some models need an additional calculation step in Matlab. Involvement in answering a RFP (Request For Proposal) and writing technical specifications for many new features.
- Maintenance on Simulo for Exprimo & Roche, consulting company in pharmaceutical R&D. This stand-alone application is used to anticipate risks and preview the range of expected results before R&D are committed to further development of a drug, and human subjects are exposed to experimental therapies. Investigate testing part (maven integration, unit tests and automated functional GUI testing) of this Eclipse RCP application.
September 2009 -
Netapsys [2 years 9 months]
May 2012

Software engineer in new technologies at Netapsys Atlantique in Nantes. Taking part in many fixed-cost projects mixing various technologies (Java, Maven, SQL, Hibernate, LDAP, Spring, Struts…) within an Agile environment (XP, TDD, Scrum, Continuous Integration…).
- Development of a Maven plugin that generates an additional report in the Maven Site. This report ensures that our projects meet the French Ministry of Health's standards (database structure, location and content of configuration files, project tree…).
- Maintenance on Easydore, a financial and administrative management software for the hospital of Nantes. First designed as single client, the project is now available for other hospitals in France. Taking part in the personalization of the software for the hospital of Foch and in the update of the Business Object universe. Partly in charge of the pre-sales process: test cases creation, screencasts recording, web conferencing, user guides update and technical tests with customer.
- Maintenance on Angélique for the French Civil Aviation Authority "Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile". Angélique is the web application that manages the main LDAP directory of the entity.
- Development of SIAO (Integrated intake and referral service) for the French government. SIAO is designed to be the national system for social support towards homeless people. Contribution in writing feature specification.
- Maintenance on AgreenSkills. AgreenSkills is an open programme of international mobility for researchers created by INRA. Objective is to promote and manage this international exchange programme: presentation and introduction, candidate profile and application management, applicants' selection, monitoring researchers in the country of assignment… It will last three years (from 2012 to 2015). Development of the application has been parallelized with the programme steps, adding new features on the fly.
March - August
Capgemini [5 months]

Assistant Project Manager at Capgemini Ouest in Nantes.
Taking part in the specifications of a web application in Java (wireframes, diagrams, business rules definition, technologies selection, workshops, etc.). This application will allow the customer to manage all the properties and configuration files of its IT projects. Several frameworks are used for the development such as Spring, Struts 2, Hibernate and SiteMesh.
Contribution in the setting up of a Continuous Integration platform. Writing of documents to make developers aware of CI and code testing. SVN repositories compliance, Maven plug-in release integration, configuration of Hudson & Sonar on integration server.
October 2008 -
Sylis [1 month]
March 2009

One day a week in Sylis company in partnership with the MIAGe of Nantes.
Programming of an internal application to manage projects of the company. Resumption of this application by rewriting the specifications of what already exists, then, programming of new functionality. Application in Java using Hibernate & Struts 1 frameworks.
We are a team of 5 peoples working on this application (four 1 year Master's Degree students as developers and myself as project manager). As a Junior Project Manager, I distribute and schedule tasks, do a planning, estimate the number of man-days and also take part in the development.
Main projects - 5th Year
2008 - 2009 - Bid project: taking part into the writing of a response to
    Request For Proposal. Simulation from a real case: request
    from a distributor in a public context. Competition with
    another company, two fake companies (team of 5 people
    for each one).
    Main contributions: Project team organization, team
    members' CVs, means of communication with the customer,
    detailed project schedule, man-days estimation, Gantt
- Java project: development of a web application to manage
    the Tomcat applications server users file (tomcat-users.xml)
    Use of Struts 1, XStream (XML deserialization / serializa-
    tion) and AJAX component.
- DB project: SQL script to test the access supervision in
    Oracle 10g. Creation of users, privileges, roles, security
    policies, contexts and virtual private databases VPD.
- Java project: development of a Java application with
    SWING to manage a labyrinth (labyrinth, rooms and walls
    creation, open and close doors features), tracking of
    visitors inside the labyrinth. Problematic about algorithms
    and graph routes.
June -
Orange Business Services [4 months]
September 2008 Four-month internship in Orange Business Services (Orange for multinationals) in Nantes.
Integration into the UMS for corporate customers team.
- Taking part in the launch of a new ToIP offer (Telephony over IP) intended for French companies with sites abroad. Participation in briefing and work sessions. Writing of summaries and presentations for internal use by involved people and especially non-expert IP network people. Main purpose is to clarify the offer to have a global view in order to simplify the understanding of all involved processes.
- Programming in VBA with Business Object (BO XI R2) to automatically edit and generate PDF customer reports (cost distribution invoice), development of a macro in Excel to check phone consumption agreement, programming with Ms Access.
Main projects - 4th Year
2007 - 2008 - J5EE project: end year project - analysis of the Test-
    driven development (TDD) method applied to the latest
    3.0 Enterprise JavaBeans specification. The aims were
    to carry out an in-depth study of TDD applied to EJB
    3.0, to develop a sample application using TDD, and to
    provide an analysis of this method.
- J5EE project: development of an application on stock
    exchange trading: customers, share prices, transactions
    management, a league table is maintained showing the
    profit or loss for each session, a portfolio for each customer
    (team working).
- Java project: design and implementation of a document
    management system using Java RMI API. Implemented
    functions: logon, logoff, list of all currently registered users,
    check the existence of a file on the server, download,
    upload files amongst others.
- Java project: design and implementation of a multithreaded
    client-server application using the Java socket API.
    Development of a secure anonymous chat system.
    Implemented functions: logon, logoff, list of all currently
    registered users, send a unicast or broadcast message,
    accept or reject a message from another user…
June - August
Isilog [3 months]
2007 Three-month internship in Isilog, an IT Services Company located in Nantes. Integration into the Etudes IWS
Isilog   - Taking part in tests deployment of the latest version of
    Isilog Web System ERP
  - Programming of a tool which automates personalization
    of the software package (in VBScript and Batch)
  - Performance tests, benchmarking and optimization of the
    current version
  - Parameters import / export, migration of customer
    databases (Oracle & SQL server) for testing
  - ERP configuration for a new customer (design, new filters
    and default values on the forms, programming of
    procedures and triggers in PL/SQL, ASP requests form)
Main projects - 3rd Year
2006 - 2007 - UML project: modeling of a library, use of Win'Design
    software (uses case, sequences and states diagrams).
- C++ project: development of a simplified electronic
    directory, use of semaphores to sort out the writer / reader
    issue and use of the file projection in memory.
- Cobol project: reuse of the 2nd year library project and
    programming in Cobol (team working).
- Java project: development of a simplified air traffic system
    control (total weight of a plane, estimated range, flight
    plan length…).
June - August
STMicroelectronics [3 months]
2006 Three-month internship in the ICT (Information & Communication Technology) of STMicroelectronics Inc. (international chip manufacturer) in Tours.
ST Modeling and creation of two intranet applications with complete French documentation:
    - Masks management application for the flip-chip service
    - On-site equipment management
These applications use an Oracle database and have been developed with Eclipse IDE in HTML / PHP, XML and SQL.
Restricted access with a link to the LDAP directory of the site.
Some time
in 2006 Creation of my personal website about manga.
Use of Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro for the designer look (3 different skins).
The website has been developed in HTML / PHP and uses a MySQL database (visitor's book, news manager) and also .dat / txt files (counter, poll). The website is offline now.
Main projects - 2nd Year
2005 - 2006 - Merise project: modeling of a library, use of Win'Design
    software (design of different models & diagrams).
- PHP / SQL project: development of a web user interface
    allowing students management (add, delete, modify and

*  Skills toggle
- Object Oriented Programming: Java, Kotlin, Java EE
- Frameworks: Maven, Gradle, Dropwizard, Struts, JSF, Hibernate, Spring (Core, Security, Data, Webflow, MVC, Boot), AJAX, BeanIO, JAXB
- Web languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, XML, JSON
- Web technologies: WordPress, Bootstrap, JQuery, Matomo, REST, GraphQL, gRPC, Swagger
- Testing: JUnit, TestNG, DbUnit, XMLUnit, Hamcrest, Mockito, Selenium, Wiremock
- Devops: AWS, Splunk, Grafana, Datadog, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes
- Applications: Microsoft Office, PowerAMC, StarUML, Win'Design, Visual Paradigm VP-UML, IDE Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Visual Studio, PL/SQL Developer, pgAdmin, SQuirreL SQL, Business Object, Apache Directory Studio, Balsamiq, Photoshop, Gimp
- Collaboration tools: Git, SVN, GitHub, Gitlab, Slack, Trac, Assembla, Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, Jenkins, Sonar, Artifactory
- Databases: SGBD-R Oracle, SQL Server, H2DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix, SQL & PL/SQL languages, Liquibase, MongoDB (notions), noSQL, Object-relational, Data Warehouse, DynamoDB
- Enterprise Application Integration: Apache Camel, Kafka, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, Talend
- Knowledge in mobile web applications and development of
    Android applications
- Other languages: Python, Cobol, Batch, VBScript, VBA, Bash, Awk, Go
- OS Windows, Linux (Gnome, KDE desktop environments) &
    Mac OS
- Accounting, Double entry system
- Cost accounting, Controlling
- Software Process Management and
    certification (ITIL, CMMI)
- Ability to write a response to a Request For
    Proposal, technical documentation,
    specifications and requirements, etc.
- Project Management
- IT Systems Management
- Knowledge in Law
- Agile practice (Scrum, eXtreme Programming…)
English: fluent, TOEIC 930 / 990 (2009)
French: mother tongue
Spanish: working knowledge
Full and clean driving licence
British citizenship
Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) (2012) PSM1
ISTQB Certified-Tester Foundation Level (2013) ISTQB
Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) for
Java Platform 6 (2010)

*  Hobbies & interests toggle
Computer sciences, high-tech, user experience and self-learning (MOOCs).
- Volunteering:Volunteering at AgeUK to help elderly to use new technologies.
CoderDojo champion, I am organizing a monthly session to teach programming to kids.
- Hobbies:Sport (badminton, running), cinema, gigs, travels.
Fabian PIAU
Software engineer
French Nationality
British citizenship
Driving Licence
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